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Forks Over Knives Now On Netflix



Great news! If you have access to Netflix streaming, which it seems most people do these days, you can head over there right now and watch Forks Over Knives, an engaging and highly informative documentary about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

The film primarily features the work of two doctors: T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. and Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.

These two men got to a point in their careers where they had to do some soul searching about what they were doing as doctors and change their opinions on where their work would take them. They now prefer to work with plant foods as a preventative measure in dealing with disease.

This is just one of the most recent in a line of food documentaries focussing on the benefits of plant based foods, and how the food system we’ve all played a part in setting up for our convenience is wreaking havoc on our bodies, our planet and our connection to every other living thing.

I have some new heroes in my life after watching this film.

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User Comments


  1. Martin Matej

    I love that movie!
    But I am kinda dissapointed that most vegans don´t understand the emphasis on whole foods by the doctors who appeared in the movie. 
    Yea eliminating animal products is HUGE step in direction of health. 
    Eliminating foods that are not whole like oils, sugar, salt etc. is another HUGE step that would make vegans healthier and fitter ;)

  2. Bauerfoto

    Im in El Salvador and friends with Brian Wendel, the producer.  I cant access this film on Netflix because of my geographic location – I have a call into them to look into it.  He sent me 2 DVDs from the U.S and the DVD player we bought here wont play them – regional blockage.  Dammit!

  3. EvolveWithFlavor

    That’s pretty aweasome – I’m addicted to movies like this and I’ll have to check it out.

    You can’t blame those doctors – they grew up surrounded by a culture that is clearly in the wrong. It’s brave of them to go in the other direction now, when they aren’t worried about money, etc.


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