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I Think I Know What You Need. But I Need to Check This with You…



Raw food questions

So if you have been on my email list for a while now, you’ll remember that I recently sent out a survey, telling you that I’ve been meaning to create this free thing for you.

If you were one of the 2,540 people who filled out that survey, thank you so much. If you didn’t get a chance to, there’s another chance here to tell me if I’ve got this right.

Based on the results of that survey, I think I know what you need.

But …

I wanted to check in before I create it. From taking the time to go through all the responses, it seems you want me to create some easy, simple and quick recipes that can be a meal in themselves or part of a great meal, with lots of nutrition.

Something that is delicious and tasty and easy to prepare for yourself and your family, with plenty of variety so you don’t get bored.

And finally you told me you want to feel more healthy and have more energy.

So …

It’s going to be free; it’s going to be recipes and some video.

I’m really looking forward to making this for you, but only if it’s exactly what you NEED.

Anyway, if I spend a week or so making this and you don’t want it, then I’m going to feel stoooopid. :)

So here’s what I’m going to do: if you feel like the thing I’m making is what you want, but most importantly need, then let me know in the comments below (and be sure to let me know WHY and HOW this information will help you out).

If enough people want it … then I’ll personally send it to you. If it isn’t what you want, tell me what you’d rather have — you can do all that in the comments below.

If you’re not on my email list, sign up for it so you get this (or whatever I create instead) sent directly to you.

I’m excited about creating this, so please do let me know in the comments below if this is what you need me to create for you. Remember to include how and why it will help.


Make Sexy, Simple & Irresistible Raw Meals

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Here are just some of the recipes I’d like to share with you:
  • Raw Nachos
  • Curried Swede Risotto
  • Cacao Crepes
  • Courgette Fettuccine

User Comments


  1. Elisa

    I think that what you are offering us is what I/we really need. I am not completely Raw and have my doubts if I can do it all year round. In Winter is to cold and I need warm food. But at least I am already vegan, it took some time. I always try to do my best, and my body thanks it!! I like your recepies , I am trying myself in Fermentation at the moment. I just made the Sauerkraut and it tastes delicious ! As soon as I am back home, in Germany I will try the Kombucha. Some ingredients are not easy to find here in Peru, where I am at the moment visiting my family for 2 Months. Many many Thanks elisa

  2. dilaila Parrish

    Great recipes.Your face shows it all…..Glows..and healthy!! Very nutrious and will help my overall health…Thank you Russell:)

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