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Level 1: Make Raw Food an Easy Part of Your Day

Raw Food Course

Weekday Raw $197

It's easy to add raw food into your week: I'll show you how easy it is to make simple, quick, delicious, raw meals. No dehydrator or special equipment required!

Level 2: Create Sexy & Irresistible Raw Meals

Raw Food Techniques

The Raw Chef at Home$325

Make irresistible (and impressive) raw meals: I'll mentor you over 10 modules (at your own pace) with secrets and culinary techniques that you'll love using at home.

Raw Food Desserts Course

The Raw Chef Desserts at Home$325

Amazing and creative treats, without the guilt: Ten modules (at your own pace) to learn all the tips and tricks to create beautiful (and healthy!) raw desserts.


The Raw Chef at Home + The Raw Chef Desserts at Home

Get The Raw Chef at Home and The Raw Chef Desserts at Home courses together to...
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That's twenty modules of recipes, tips, tricks and in-depth "how to" techniques for creating simply amazing raw food.

Just 1 Payment of $495 (Save $155)
or 3 Monthly Payments of $174

Level 3: Master Raw Culinary Techniques

Raw Chocolate Course

Raw Chocolate$97

Mouth-watering chocolate... with all the goodness of raw food: Two course levels (at your own pace) to add that 'something special' to your raw food arsenal.

Raw food fermentation

Raw Fermentation$197

Discover how truly "alive" food can be: Learn the delicious and vibrant art of raw fermentation for nourishing, flavour-packed food and drinks.


The Raw Chef Premium: My Top Courses

The most comprehensive raw food training course package available, anywhere.

Includes my flagship Raw Chef at Home course (RRP: $325)


Access to 8 Complementary Raw Food Courses so that you can master the art "cooking" raw food...
from simple and sexy raw meals to making amazing food that's a little more special.

  • iconRaw Chef at Home (Value: $325)
  • iconRaw Chef Desserts at Home (Value: $325)
  • iconRaw Chocolate Level 1 (Value: $97)
  • iconRaw Chocolate Level 2 (Value: $197)
  • iconRaw Chocolate Level 3 (Value: $197)
  • iconRaw Chocolate Level 4 (Value: $197)
  • iconWeekday Raw (Value: $197)
  • iconRaw Fermentation at Home (Value: $197)
Just 1 Payment of $1122 - Total Price: $1732(Save $610)
or 3 Monthly Payments of $386