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The Challenge Of Empowerment



I recently just went through several hours of dental procedures, having a root canal done and crown fitted.

I’ve just found out that root canals can be extremely detrimental to health and may actually change my DNA, causing heart disease.



The problem with new, empowering information is that it invites us to take action.

My choice is to think, “It’ll never happen to me; this information doesn’t relate to me” or, “Although I’ve spent money, time and been through pain to get to this point, I’m going to take new action based on this new information”.

That’s the challenge with empowering information.  You can’t ‘unlearn’ it. All you can do is shrink away, or step into it.

It’s our choice.

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User Comments


  1. Robyn Gibson

    My lovely wholistic dentist does not like to talk about “not ” having a root canal filled . But when pushed he agreed that they are pretty nasty. ..there is alot of information out there about how bad and toxic they are. I just happened to run into a dentist who was very informed and has heaps of info on his website (I can find it if anyone is interested) when I had tooth trouble on holidays . After a month of thinking about it with a temporary filling in I opted for removal . However I do have a root canal in an eye tooth and will leave that as this is a pretty important spot. !

  2. cynthia K

    i read the article but it never said what another option would be. What do you do instead of the Root Canal? What would of been your other option?

    • Russell James

      It does mention removing the tooth. I’m not sure of the options after that, but I think a good course of action would be to find a natural dentist and work with them on it.

  3. Mark

    That’s a pretty controversial view re root canals, lacking a strong evidence base. Don’t confuse “crackpot” with “empowering”. Not saying it’s not true, just saying one article doesn’t make the truth. The comments about antibiotics is pretty suspect. Antibiotics have saved the life of probably 100s of millions of people.

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