Give Your Family and Friends a Healthy "Wow!" Experience with Raw Desserts

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Want to master desserts and home..maybe even to a professional level?

Tips & techniques from a seasoned professional
Make beautiful raw creations for family, friends and even customers
Eating healthy is so much easier with healthier treats!
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Be mentored through the process of creating delicious raw desserts in a beautiful learning journey, with high-definition videos, and step-by-step instructions.

Discovering just a few new techniques and recipes could completely transform the way you eat.

What’s Inside the Course?

  • 102 HD video lessons
  • Downloadable recipe worksheets and PDFs for each
  • Ability to ask questions of your instructor under each lesson
  • Forum to connect with your fellow students

The Courses

Raw Desserts at Home is great for everyone from beginner to enthusiast. Modern Raw Desserts builds on that and takes thing to the next level.

Raw Desserts at Home

Raw desserts are a great way to introduce family and friends to healthy eating. Give them a, “wow!” experience with Raw Desserts at Home.

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Modern Raw Desserts

These classes focus on applying modern pastry techniques to healthy ingredients and methods.Bringing together raw baking, cakes and chocolate into one in-depth course.

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Learn at Your Own Pace ⬇️

Two comprehensive courses, lifetime access

You can learn how to make raw food desserts in your own time, with no limits on access.

Exclusive Online Access ⬇️

Learn anywhere from any device

Take the course on any of your devices. Even take your device into the kitchen and follow along.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee ⬇️

There’s no risk to you at all

Every online course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Just try the course, start making desserts and starting impressing friends.

What Makes This Raw Desserts Bundle So Different? ⬇️

The entire course is taught by my good friend, the World's Leading Raw Chocolatier and Raw Pastry Chef, Amy Levin.

Amy is a professional chef, a consultant to some of the most well known raw chocolate companies, and has dedicated her career to raw chocolate and desserts.

Amy's recipes always work: they not only look good but taste great too.

By making your own raw desserts, you are able to choose the very best ingredients to work with based on your desired taste and nutritional needs. No rogue ingredient will slip past you and you can rest assured that you'll be eating something super fresh and full of goodness.

If you've ever taken to making regular cooked desserts, you'll know that it's a science and not one that you can mess with without consequence, because everything is so specific. Raw desserts are very forgiving. They're also easily adapted to suit your taste and any ingredients you don't want in your diet.

The alternative to making your own desserts is to have to scour specialist shops for 'the closest thing' to what you're looking for. As you may have already found out, that's a tricky task. It's difficult to find a really delicious selection of pre made healthy desserts and, even if you do, you have to pay a hefty sum; they're still not exactly what you're looking for and you're stuck with that small selection to choose from.

When you're able to make your own desserts, with exactly the ingredients you want, with a huge variety of tastes, textures and flavours, then you'll feel like eating healthy treats without restriction has never been so much fun (and such good value).

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