How to Make a Raw Food Meal

How to Make a Raw Food Meal

This time last year (2011), when I was living in Austin, Texas, I had just come back from a trip and was hungry, with nothing prepared in the fridge.

Dan – who does my videos – was with me.  So we took the opportunity to film a quick little video, showing you how you can whip up something amazing, with very little prep, once you know how to put these ingredients together.

I went a little above and beyond what I would normally make, because I wanted to show what was possible.

But in reality, you could just make one or two elements of what I made here and still have an amazing meal.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

I mention a link to my courses at the end of the video. You can check out all of our online raw food courses here.

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