My Walk with Synchronicity

My Walk with Synchronicity
1. (Psychology) an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated[C20: coined by Carl Jung from synchronic + -ity]

My synchronicity walk started on a warm sunny evening in London, with instructions to meet other walkers by the Lion in Trafalgar Square.

To give you some background, I guess it really all started in December last year, when I emailed Todd Acamesis for some Skype coaching on how to have out of body experiences (OBEs).

I found Todd while on a random Youtube click-and-watch session.

You know one of those sessions. . .where you start watching a cute cat on a skateboard, but end up on a video about OBEs and lucid dreaming a couple of hours later?  Yeah, one of those.

Maybe that was my first synchronicity in all of this.  Maybe I’m looking for synchronicities too much already.  Todd says you can look into this stuff too much.  That’s when it then becomes about trying to control our experience.

“I was even able to help my hairdresser understand his night paralysis”

Anyway, that Youtube video (the one about OBEs, not the cats) got me interested enough to look Todd up.

Less than 6 weeks later I was having very real OBEs.

Over the next few months I met several people who knew Todd very well, and had helped him at events.

And when I started talking to people I knew about OBEs, they shared experiences they’d had too.

I was even able to help my hairdresser understand his night paralysis and move beyond it with my new found knowledge.

Todd’s a great teacher, so when the opportunity came up for the first Synchronicity walk of the year, I was in.

Synchronicity Walk in London

So back to that warm and sunny evening of Thursday June 11th. I stepped out of my house, quietly excited as I walk down the road.

“I wonder if this ‘mistake’ will introduce me to a synchronicity”

I decide to direct my inner talk towards staying open to any synchronicities that may present themselves.

When I change lines on the Underground at Oxford Circus, I get back on the Victoria Line, instead of the Bakerloo Line. As I get the correct train back, I wonder if this ‘mistake’ will introduce me to a synchronicity.

Nothing happens.  Except I arrive at Trafalgar Square 10 minutes later than I wanted to. I decide it was a mistake and I probably wasn’t paying attention enough due to my inner talk. Openness but not presentness offers lateness, not synchronicity, I decide.

I meet my friend Dean in Trafalgar Square and we find the rest of the group.  There’s about 40 of us and Todd starts with a group mindset talk. Instantly we start attracting attention from passers by.

Todd’s opening talk offers many nuggets of wisdom. This is what you get with Todd.

He focusses on the fun we’re going to have and that we should stay open to trying something different tonight. He encourages us that in the moment when we want to do what we’ve always done (walk away, not get involved) to try something different.

The sentence, “you know where that road leads, it’s very familiar to you” in Todd’s mid-Atlantic powerful voice sticks in my mind to this day.

“. . .what we’re about to do is akin to being in Alice In Wonderland”

How to Do a Synchronicity Walk

It’s explained to us that the next 2 hours will be determined by the roll of 2 dice, a couple of hexagonal spinning tops, different dice with ‘actions’ on them, what people we meet say, and lastly, by any strong feelings of what we could do in any moment, from anyone in the group.

Todd also explains that what we’re about to do is akin to being in Alice In Wonderland.  He explains that we’re really just living in a holographic 3D matrix where everything is connected and we can choose to play with it.  I find that exciting.

We roll the dice to get our significant number for the evening.  It comes up with lucky 7.

Todd’s final reassurance that they’ve never been arrested instantly ups my anxiety level about 3 notches.  I hope we get lucky.

After a game of telepathic tug-of-war with a piece of string, to get us loosened up, which completely perplexes the security guard at the National Gallery, along with a growing group of bystanders, we spin the spinning top and we’re off.

Collage of various things happening on a synchronicity walk in London

What Happened on Our Synchronicity Walk

What follows is an account of the notable things that happened.

I’m pretty sure I forgot several of them, as I was trying to strike a balance of being fully in it, taking notes (aka, trying to be a good blogger for once) and not getting left behind.

We head off towards the corner of Trafalgar Square and come to a junction.  The rule is to roll the dice, assign a direction to each range of numbers, and then follow that guidance.

We end up being directed back towards Trafalgar Square and roll the action dice.  It lands on ‘Help Someone’.

A group member suggests we go and give money to a Jamaican busker, playing his guitar nearby.  We all pile in with some money, then we dance to the rest of his performance of Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry About a Thing.  It’s a nice first message to receive.

It just felt good to let loose and be a part of what I’m pretty sure, was that guy’s best gig, at least for that week.

We moved in the direction the dice had given us and came across DJ Grandpa.

This is a guy in a Grandpa mask, with a mobile disco unit, who had drawn a chalk dance floor in front of him, clearly marked ‘Dance Floor’. This was one of my favourite moments.

It felt so good to get on that makeshift dance floor and bust some moves. Here’s a synchronicity that I only realised when I was on the way home later: the track he’s playing in this clip is by Jaydee and it’s called Plastic Dreams. Given that Todd’s an authority in exploring consciousness through the dream state, it felt pretty significant to me.

Todd felt the group was still a little tense, so when we reached our next junction, we decided to play a game of Marco Polo, which is essentially a game of blindfolded ‘tag’ or ‘it’.

After 10 minutes of that, we moved on again, guided by one of the group with her eyes closed,  spun around a few times and with a finger pointed.

Collage of various things happening on a synchronicity walk in London

After walking to the next junction we rolled the dice and got a ‘1’ on each die.  If you’re into your dice games, you’ll know this is called snake eyes.

We make a note of that and walked on. Within a couple of minutes we come across a lovely elderly lady with yellow lens glasses on.  With those glasses, she looks like she has snake eyes, so we ask her for some directions.

“We definitely just made someone else’s night better”

It’s worth noting at this point that if you’re going to try a synchronicity walk, you need at least one person with you that’s willing to playfully stop someone in the street and ask them to do this type of stuff.

If there’s 40 of you, it’s pretty easy to explain we’re having fun and doing this synchronicity walk thing.  Especially in London, because there’s always someone doing something weird.

Snake eyes lady directs us back to where we came from.

Just as we start walking, 7 skaters thunder past us on their boards.  Remember we threw at 7 at the start of the walk as our number?

At the next junction, we roll the action dice again and again, it comes up with ‘pay someone a compliment’.  Todd sees a guy on his phone and suggests we all walk past and pay him a compliment.

“The Universe is playing with us. . .taunting us to be a little bolder”

We search for the right compliment.  I suggest that he’s got a nice smile and someone else suggests that he’s got a nice pair of shoes.

So before he knows it, he has a group of 40 people walking past him telling him he has nice shoes and a nice smile.  He seems shy about it and quite grateful.

Synchronicity or not, we definitely just made someone else’s night better.

We stop around the corner to see a sign for the Coward Theatre.  Todd takes this as a sign that the Universe is playing with us. . .taunting us to be a little bolder.

Someone in the group says it’s their dad’s birthday today, and that we should sing happy birthday to a stranger. We turn and see two women in purple.  One of them, we later realise, is standing by a poster with the headline “Nothing is quite as it seems”.

We have no idea if it’s her birthday, but we decide to sing happy birthday to her.

Her name is Rama and, as it turns out, she’s quite the oracle.

Todd asks her for any message that she wants to give us.

She says she was just standing there, thinking that to have higher consciousness, you have to be healthy.  And that she wants to give up smoking and drinking.

The fact that she was standing there, thinking those things, and then a group of people investigating the fabric of consciousness show up to sing happy birthday makes several people’s jaws drop.

Collage of various things happening on a synchronicity walk in London

We ask her what else she has for us. She says she’s been reading a book by Neville Goddard and that she says, “we all come from one source and we have to be nice to each other”. Todd tells us that Neville Goddard happens to be one of his favourite authors.

We spend about 5 minutes in Rama’s company and it feels pretty amazing to have met her.  Todd’s wife, Sky, suggests we all have a moment of prayer for her to help her release her smoking and drinking habits.

Again, I feel like we just made someone else’s evening.  She was sitting there thinking about giving up smoking and drinking and the Universe delivers 40 people to join her in a prayer to do just that.

We roll the dice, walk a bit more and get the ‘help someone’ instructions on the dice again.  So we line the pavement with an impromptu Ho’oponopono session. . .

After that we have a game of Zombie Freeze in the middle of the street, ending up doing zombie impressions around a guy on a cycle taxi who has stopped to see what on earth we’re up to.  He gets a bit freaked out and rides off.  And wouldn’t you know it, on the back of his cab are the words, ‘Where the magic happens’.

Ultimately, reading my account of what happened, isn’t going to relay what it felt like to be on that walk, and what I felt like after it.

“I end the night resolving to get out of my bubble (my head) more often”

When we follow the pilot light of a synchronicity and we become aware of it, when we put our attention on it. . .it is also aware of us.  We can follow that flash of the white rabbit tail all the way down the rabbit hole.  We can dance and play with it along the way.

As I walked through London on the way home that evening, I was aware of all the opportunities to connect with something magical as I walked past people.

I saw my connection to them and to possibility.

I end the night resolving to get out of my bubble (my head) more often, and connect with this magic that’s around us all.

How I Felt After the Synchronicity Walk

I was left with this overwhelming feeling that life isn’t linear.  Life is a story that we construct from the this quantum soup around us; like a film where at the end of it, you can see how all the events fitted together and happened for a reason.

But unlike a film, we don’t have to wait until the end of our lives to see how everything fits together.

Have you ever done a synchronicity walk or had any crazy synchronicities that changed the way you thought about everything? Leave me a comment below!

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