Sneak Peek: Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

Take a sneak peek at the Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate online course.

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate is a fully comprehensive course on making raw chocolate at home.

Space Setup

Learn about the basic tools and ingredients needed for raw chocolate making. This short lesson will set you up for successful chocolate making at home

Milk Chocolate

Surely everyone’s favourite type of chocolate? The difference here is that it’s dairy-free. In this lesson Amy will show you how to make a simple, gorgeous milk chocolate.

Colours Wrap & Reveal

This third video will show you what was achieved at the end of level 3 of Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate. Remember, this is all truly natural colouring (no nasties or fake ‘natural’ ingredients).

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate is also part of The Raw Chef Premium Bundle...

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