Sneak Peek: Modern Raw Desserts

Take a sneak peek at the Modern Raw Desserts at Home online course

Modern Raw Desserts is designed to help students take their raw cake and dessert skills to the next level. These classes focus on applying modern pastry techniques to healthy ingredients and methods.

Video 1: Maple Oat Tart Shell

Learn how to make a maple oat tart pastry that can be made into a round or square tart.

Video 2: Blackberry Jam

How to make a sugar-free blackberry jam, which can then be dehydrated inside this tart before piping on top.

Video 3: Butterscotch Creme

A beautiful Butterscotch Creme for piping on the tart. Half will be white and half purple.

Video 4: Chocolate Crescents

How to make decorative Chocolate Crescents for the final garnishing stage of this dessert.

Video 5: Piping & Garnishing

The big finish! How to pipe the cream and add the chocolate crescents for a beautiful presentation.

Modern Raw Desserts at Home is also part of The Raw Chef Premium Bundle...

Premium Bundle – The Raw Chef Academy
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