Sneak Peek: Weekday Raw

Take a sneak peek at the Weekday Raw online raw food course

Weekday Raw is an online course with over 120 videos, walking you through simple, everyday raw food recipes, organised into seasons. This Sneak Peek is a recipe from every season.

Spring: Smoky Avocado & Swede (Rutabaga) Rice

What a combination! This hearty meal uses swede (rutabaga) as a rice, plus the satisfying combo of ripe avocado in a smoky sauce.  Wonderful.

Summer: South American Platter

Mexican rice, guac, plus nectarine salsa, all wrapped in lettuce ‘tacos’. Fantastic for summer days with friends.

Autumn: Lychee Ceviche

An absolutely wonderful little dish. Eat as a starter, or as a snack, perhaps with a juice or smoothie. So wonderfully fresh and creative.

Winter: Butternut Squash Fettuccine

Such a great winter raw food dish. Creamy, slightly spicy and beautiful to present, even in a simple way.

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