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The food you eat has a huge effect on how you look, feel and think.

The good news is that you’re only one meal away from being a healthy eater.

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What’s Inside the Course?

  • 101 HD video lessons
  • 110 downloadable recipe worksheets and PDFs
  • Ability to ask questions of your instructor under each lesson
  • Forum to connect with your fellow students

The Modules

Each module is a short course that can be purchased separately. The Raw Chef at Home brings them all together in the most cost effective and coherent way.

The Raw Chef at Home V2

When you access this course in The Raw Chef Academy you’ll have full access to Version 2 of The Raw Chef at Home. This in itself is a 10 modules course with 63 videos.

Raw Fermentation at Home

For people that want to take care of their family’s health: How to make the most nutrient dense foods available. A fun, easy and creative way to having brighter eyes, shiny hair and clearer skin.

Breads, Crackers & Wraps

Master Raw Breads, Crackers & Wraps. Lunch at work will never be the same again!

Tree Nut Cheeses

Learn how to make incredible cheeses, all from nuts! In this module I cover simple ‘raw food cheeses’, as well as gourmet cheeses that use traditional cheese cultures, such as Cashew Camembert. 

Holiday Raw Foods

Raw Food Recipes for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Whether you want to add one or two raw dishes to your family’s table this festive season, or throw a 100% raw holiday dinner for friends…Holiday Raw Foods will show you how!

World Raw Foods

Master a variety of creative & impressive raw food dishes, inspired by cuisines of the world. Whether a simple, tasty lunch or a dinner party for friends, World Raw Foods has something for you.

Upcoming Modules

We have another 5 modules coming up in Version 3 of this course: Setting Up Your Raw Food Kitchen - Superfood Smoothies & Elixirs - Raw Food Salads - On the Go Snacks - Rice & Pasta

Remember: You'll get access to Version 2, which is complete, plus access to Version 3, for no extra cost. You'll also get lifetime access to all future updates.

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Every online course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Just try the course, start making raw food meals and feel the benefits.

What Makes The Raw Chef at Home So Different? ⬇️

This is an “at-home” course designed for both the ‘raw-curious’ and the ‘raw-committed’… designed to make it easy to bring healing, healthy and delicious raw food into your life.

The course is taught by Russell James, creator of The Raw Chef.

It wasn’t until the age of 28 in 2004 when he was in Koh Samui, Thailand, doing a fast to clear up the acne that had developed during his time at the fast food restaurant that he discovered raw food.

He quickly got excited about the vibrancy and creativity of raw foods and the health benefits they bring. Spurred on by the fact that he’d never heard of raw food and with a desire to bring it into mainstream awareness in a way that is fun and modern, he set about following his passion, at first as a hobby, then as a professional Raw Food Chef.

Whilst posting pictures of his food on his blog people started to notice and comment on how great his food looked. Russell discovered techniques and a natural ability to create beautiful raw recipes from widely available ingredients and started teaching people in his local area. News spread and Russell soon found himself teaching people from all over the UK and even people from other countries in Europe and the US, who would travel to come and be taught by him.

It quickly became clear to Russell that his passion was to make raw food accessible every day, for anyone who needed the technical knowledge to make it work.

Russell has taught thousands of people worldwide about raw foods, both through his blog, live classes and his online classes.

When you buy this online course, you will:

  • Learn from our flagship course, like thousands of others have, how to make raw food a part of your life, to whatever level you desire. You will completely understand how to put together raw food meals, not just by following recipes, but from the techniques you’ll learn, so you don’t have to rely on a recipe.
  • Learn the secret to flavour balancing so meals are super-tasty, plus detailed charts and references so you can combine herbs and spices like a pro.
  • Get so good at making raw food that you’ll be able to create any meal you want, whether it’s eating raw sandwiches all week or put on a show-stopping dinner party for friends.

If you’re looking to make raw food an exciting part of your life, The Raw Chef at Home course will give you the skills, recipes, and techniques to eat raw as often as you like – and love it every time.

It’s worth thinking about how much better you’ll feel after adding more raw food into your life… When you’re truly excited about raw food and the possibilities of what you can create, you’ll stop needing discipline and willpower to make great choices for your health.

The sooner that you start this course, the sooner that you’ll transform your health by eating more raw foods.

As a Bonus, You’ll Also Get:

Lifetime access to this version (V3) and previous version (V2)

We’re currently in production of the newest version (V3), which you have immediate access to as we add the modules. There are currently 5 modules of the new version up for you to learn from, PLUS the entire previous version (V2)

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