Eggplant Bacon

Eggplant bacon, or aubergine bacon can be eaten as a savoury snack, crumbled into salads, or included in sandwiches.

Eggplant Bacon

It’s time for a classic raw food recipe!

I recommend making a raw BLT, with the eggplant bacon, this raw vegan zucchini bread, some cashew mayo / sour cream and some juicy lettuce and tomatoes.

This raw food sandwich bread also seems to go down well and makes a nice alliterative.

Although this recipe does require a dehydrator, you can do it on a low temperature in an oven.  It will probably only take around 3 hours, but every oven is different.  I have a video on how to use a dehydrator instead of an oven.

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Recipe for Raw Eggplant Bacon


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