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Keep Corporations Out Of Your Kitchen

You may have heard of Michael Pollan.  He’s the guy responsible for one of my favourite quotes of all time:

“Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly Plants.”

Sometimes a distillation of truth comes along that hits home so beautifully it makes a mark.

It’s his most famous quote (according to me), but I recently also heard him talk about keeping corporations out of your kitchen.

He talks about the biggest determining factor in health being whether or not you make your own food.

Because – and this will not be a shock – corporations aren’t good at cooking.  I don’t mean from a taste perspective.  I mean from a health perspective.

They often use the cheapest ingredients (because food margins are so small).  And they don’t cook with your health in mind, they cook to have you buy their food-like-product again and again.

And not to mention the cacophony of random chemicals added to the factory foods that act as texture modifiers and preservatives.

We have no idea how they affect the body exactly, but as long as they don’t show any visible short-term effects, they are used!

Here’s 2 min 28 secs of Michael explaining:

Eating at Home Keeps You Healthy

I LOVE to eat at restaurants.  It’s the ambience, the company and the service that make it something special.

So whilst I’m talking about making your own food, know that I’m not saying you should never go out to a restaurant if you want to be healthy.

Not at all.

What I’m talking about here is what keeps you healthy is what you do most of the time, not what you do some of the time.

In this article they state:

Research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific 2015 revealed that people who ate about two homemade lunches or dinners each day (or 11 – 14 meals per week) had a 13%t lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes compared to those who ate less than six homemade meals a week.

What I’m trying to show you is this: Making your own food is worthy of your time.

That’s an understatement.

We seem to be at a point in our evolutionary history where we think there’s never enough time.

Articles are reduced to a clickbait headline and 280 characters Tweets.

We can’t seem to put down our phones long enough to enjoy a movie.

Algorithms are controlling and manipulating our focus.

When we say, “I don’t have time” (myself included) it’s often an illusion.

When I catch myself saying that, I have a quick check on my Screen Time for the week.  That usually cancels out any idea that I’ve been using my time well.

So we agree — it’s a good idea to make our own food, because of the multitude of health benefits.

Not to mention the psychological benefits of cooking at home, even more so when it’s  with or for the family.

So we come back to what type of food to cook at home.

There are many healthy options.  In the next part I want to talk about one of my favourites: the unique benefits of raw food.

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