Raw Curious Pt 3

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The Benefits of Raw Food

When I came back from my fast in Thailand, I wanted to learn more about this raw food thing I’d heard about.

I’d tried my first raw food dish out there too, which was a tomato based lasagne type thing.

It was delicious, even taking into account my seven days of non-eating-induced new love for food.

I will say, if you can do a fast in a place like that it will completely reset your tastebuds and enjoyment of food.

You’ll actually start to crave healthy foods.  It’s not unusual to crave a salad after a fast.  It’s like your body seems to know what’s good for you all of a sudden.

Anyway, raw food.

I came back and took some classes and discovered dehydrated burgers, crackers and raw pizza.

I can remember making my first dehydrated buckwheat pizza base; it was so delicious that I kept eating bits before it was done.

I ate it down to the size of a small piece of bread when I decided I’d just finish it off and start a new one.

I found something so special in raw food.  It was fun, exciting and best of all it continued to make my skin even better.

Getting Stopped on The Street

I’ll never forget the day – long after I’d done my fast – a guy stopped me on the street, initially to ask me about my bicycle.

Then he asked me if I’d just been on holiday, because my skin looked so good.

I hadn’t been on holiday.

When you’ve had over 10 years of struggling with your skin and a stranger stops you to tell you how great your skin is, well, that never gets old.

Also, in case you hadn’t realised, guys don’t often tell other guys they have good skin.

What I’d found in raw food was a way to further improve my skin.  What had seemed like the biggest issue in my life head cleared up.

What’s So Special About Raw Food?

There’s a reason so many retreats use raw food and juicing as their food of choice…Because it’s so healing.

Raw food is a wonderful way to get fresh, alive and vibrant food into your body.

The Difference Between a Cooked and Fresh Apple.

Lots of people talk about the enzymes in raw food being the big deal.  Others say that getting vitamins and minerals in their most natural form (unheated) is where the benefit is.

Personally, I get a bit turned off when things get too technical.  I like to focus on how the food feels in my body.

And to use a bit of common sense.

Look at this picture of two apples.  A baked apple and a fresh, raw apple.

Lots of people will get into how the sugars caramelise in the baked apples and the problems that it causes.  At which point I start to glaze over.

For me it seems like common sense that the fresh, raw apple is the most nutritious.

Now, that’s not always the case.  Sometimes cooking releases nutrients too, so I’m not demonizing cooked food at all.

Some people will read what I just said about baked apples and take on the belief that baked apples are bad.  Please don’t do that 🙂  Given what is sometimes on offer, baked apple might be a great option every now and then.

As I mentioned before, I think that’s where a lot of people trip up in the raw food movement; making out like all cooked food is the same and unless it’s raw it’s poison.

I’m not exaggerating.

Years ago there used to be a raw food company with the slogan, “cooked food is poison.”

I’d much rather take a more balanced view.

I want to find the blend of cooked and raw that’s right for me on any given day, week or month.

I want to have FUN making my food.

I want to move towards something that’s good for me, not away from something I’m trying to avoid.

“I Get to”

I love this idea.

Rather than think, “I have to…” think, “I get to…”

I get to drink these beautiful fresh juices that I make at home.

I get to choose organic.

I get to use these ingredients in a way I’ve never thought of before.

I get to make a raw pizza (it’s my favourite).

I get to wake up early, feeling vibrant.

Bonus tip: When someone asks you how you are, say, “I’m amazing, thank you”.  Saying that multiple times a day seems to have a positive effect on my brain.

It also seems to really cheer up the person I’m speaking to.  I usually see a little bit of joy sweep across them.

Note: I’m not talking about ignoring your feelings.  Taking note of your feelings is very important.  I’m more talking about those little daily interactions with people you meet out and about.

Raw Energy

I get emails and messages from all over the world from people telling me what a positive effect raw food has had on them.

Most people can’t quite get over how good they feel.  The energy and vitality really is something.

One story that sticks out to me was a lady in her late 60s who had digestive issues and zero energy…Not being able to get up in the morning and not being able to do very much when she did.

She played around with the idea of raw food for some time.  Dipping in and out, but not really committing any time to it.  One particularly bad morning she decided once and for all to find out if raw food would work for her.

Wow, did it work for her.

After a few months she cleared up her digestive issues and was running 6 miles plus every DAY.

The thing that really mattered to her was this: she now had the energy to play with her granddaughter every day.

The quality of her life and the memories she’s creating for her and her granddaughter are priceless.

I’ll always remember that story.

Before we get into the practicalities of getting you started with raw food, I want to quickly explain how I proved a link between my skin and what I ate (despite what the science says).

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