Raw Vegan Pepperoni

Spicy, just the right amount of 'chewy' and a fantastic addition to raw pizzas and salad alike. Let's do raw vegan pepperoni...

Raw Vegan Pepperoni

I had to do it. I needed a raw pepperoni for my pizzas. But it's not every day you make a raw pizza.

So you might need something else to put this on, because I can confirm you might want to make this pepperoni more than, "once every now and then".

In fact, you might as well make a double batch because it'll keep in a sealed container in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks. And it freezes well too.

Here's my recommendation: Put this stuff on salads (the off-cut pieces, cut into squares) and on raw crackers with macadamia cheese.

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Let's get into it, here's the recipe...

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Raw Vegan Pepperoni Recipe

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