Thai Nori Bites

These are my longest standing raw food snacks. They're also great for anyone wanting to try a bit of raw food without nuts.

Thai Nori Bites

The more you dry them, the longer they'll last, so it would be easy to whip up a batch for a road trip. Or maybe you team them up with some cashew sour cream for movie night snacks.

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Once you have these down you can play around with different flavour combos. The base is soaked sunflower seeds, tamari, salt and some kind of acid such as lemon or lime juice.

Maybe you try Tex-Mex Nori bites, or Indian Curry Nori Bites. Just add the herbs, spices and produce associated with those cuisines. This is a really good way to learn flavour combining in general.

If you're stuck for flavour combos, check out The Flavour Bible for tips. Just remember, for a well rounded flavour you need fat, acid, salt and sweet to layer your other flavours on top of.

On to the recipe...

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Thai Nori Bites Recipe

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