Raw Curious Pt 5

Part 5 of 6

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Feeling a little excited right now?

I’m glad.

If not, don’t worry, I know a completely new way of making food can be daunting.

Wherever you’re at right now, take a deep breath and know that we all start somewhere.

There’s only so much I can show you in a few pages.  You may have already seen my main website.  There’s a ton of information on there, including recipes and videos.

I refer to that as a ‘choose your own adventure’ experience.

It’s great for having a browse, maybe trying a few recipes and picking up some techniques.

On the next page I’m going to show you where to sign up for my Recipe of The Week Club.  It’s completely free and it’s where to get ongoing recipes, inspiration and guidance.

With all that said, let’s talk about some practical tips.

A lot of raw food teachers will tell you to go raw overnight.  They’ll tell you it’s easier that way.

They’ll tell you to go through your cupboards and throw out everything that isn’t raw friendly.

That can be good if you’re familiar with raw food and you’re getting back into it.

If you’re new it will cause more problems that it will solve.

You’re most likely to feel a sense of panic, because now you have nothing to eat (food anxiety, anyone?).

Add In, Not Take Away

Remember I talked about this idea of adding in, rather than taking away?

It’s the perfect frame for getting started.

What’s the best thing to add in straight away?

A really good sharp knife and a large, wooden chopping board.

Buy the best knife you can afford.  Knives are quite a personal choice.  You want the one that feels good in your hand.  That means it’s a good weight and a good balance of weight between blade and handle.

When I say, “good” I mean whatever feels good to you.

If you’re unsure, go into a shop and test a few out.  Some shops will let you cut something they have there, like an apple or whatever.

You can see some of my kit recommendations here.

I really like large walnut end grain chopping boards.

They’re a darker wood and they feel so good to work on.  If you have a beautiful sharp knife and a large wooden chopping board it’s going to feel like your home in the kitchen.

To borrow Marie Kondo’s phrase, it’s going to spark joy.

And if it feels joyful to work at, you’ve done a few things:

  • You turned this element of healthy eating from a goal into a system.  Rather than thinking to yourself, “I should cook for myself more” (goal) you’ve made the kitchen workspace a place you want to be naturally (system) with no extra effort — other than buying a knife and chopping board.

BTW, if you’ve never thought it important enough to buy a really nice knife, but have secretly wanted to, consider this your pink permission slip 🙂

  • You’ve ‘fenced off’ a space on your work surface that’s all yours.  It doesn’t even matter if you have a small kitchen.  That big beautiful wooden chopping board is your canvas.  This is the place where you’ll create nutritional nourishment, for yourself and your family.

Bonus tip:  Although you don’t have to clear out your cupboards. Fridge and freezer of anything non raw, having a clear out is highly advised.

Get rid of that old jar of spice you never use that’s dated for 2016.  And get organised to some basic degree.  The main thing is that I don’t want this to become the main project right now.

A quick organise is all that’s needed.  Don’t turn this into a reason to not make food yet.

You can come back and refine later on.

Just Master Three

Now you’ve got your space set up, you’re ready to get some recipes under your belt.

Find three raw food recipes that you LOVE.  They can be mine or someone else’s. It’s OK, no hard feelings.

It might take you a while to get those three.

There will be some trial and error.  That’s all perfectly normal.

You’re going to master those three recipes to a point where you can shop for them and make them without needing a recipe.

That last sentence is critically important, read it again.

Being able to make three raw food recipes you LOVE (that means they are a, “hell yeah”) will give you certainty.

Knowing you can shop for the ingredients  and make three different raw food recipes you love will feel really good.

It will make you feel very accomplished.  It will give you confidence in yourself.

What most people go for right off the bat is variety.  They try a different recipe each time.  This creates an over reliance on recipes.  Seeing as no one lasts long needing to use new recipes every time, the initial motivation you might be feeling now will seep away.

Doing what I’ve described here will turn your initial motivation into a system.

It’s a system that gives you energy to do more.

What’s ‘more’?

This isn’t where I try to sell you on one of our raw food courses.  That can come later, if you think they’d be a good fit.  In that case, we’d love to have you.

For now I’ve got a support option for you that’s free to register.

I call it my Recipe of The Week Club.

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