Watermelon Sushi

This is an incredibly tasty dish to eat and fun dish to make. Watermelon 'tuna' is the star of the show, teamed up with cauliflower rice, macadamia cashew cheese and avocado.

Watermelon Sushi

This watermelon sushi uses my recipe for watermelon tuna, which can be done in the dehydrator or the oven if you don't have a dehydrator.

Watermelon tuna can be made in chunks (as pictured below) but if you're making it specifically for watermelon sushi, I'd suggest making it into strips (second image below) that will sit easily inside the sushi.

Watermelon tuna pieces covered in sesame seed and nori flakes
These are great for poke bowls, but watermelon tuna for sushi should ideally be made into strips as shown below
Watermelon tuna dehydrating on a nonstick sheet
I suggest cutting your watermelon into strips if making it for watermelon sushi

We're going the raw vegan route with this recipe (since this is The Raw Chef), so we're making our 'rice' with a mix of cauliflower and parsnip. This combo gives the right amount of moisture for sushi rice, since parsnip on its own can be a bit dry.

We're going to making cheese with macadamias and cashews and adding some slices of avocado into the mix too.

If you found this recipe via a search engine for 'watermelon tuna' and you want to use regular sushi rice with it instead, then of course you can do that.

On to the recipe...

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Watermelon Sushi Recipe

I like a sprinkle of sesame seed and nori over the top of the finished sushi
Watermelon sushi topped with sesame seeds and nori flakes on a black plate with chopsticks
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