Raw Vegan Bagels with Dill & Caper Cashew Cream Cheese

Very happy with how these came out. They're a treat, especially straight out of the dehydrator.

Raw Vegan Bagels with Dill & Caper Cashew Cream Cheese

Raw vegan bagels are one of my current favourite recipes.  I love how much like bagels these actually taste, because they have that satisfying slight crunch to the outride of them, with a soft a doughy centre.

The real star of the show here though, or at least the element that shows off the raw bagels in their best light, is the cream cheese.  This caper and dill cashew cream cheese is tangy and delicious.  All it needs is the simple topping of a little avocado, tomato and arugula.  I also like to finish it off with a little black pepper.

The recipe is for 10 bagels, so the nutrition details below are for one bagel (two halves) with all the toppings.  In reality, you’ll probably have a little cream cheese left over, which you can use for salads or to dip veggies in.

Raw Vegan Bagels Recipe

  • Irish moss gel is optional in this recipe to make it a little fluffier.  For the recipe & method click here; Irish Sea Moss Gel.
  • We’ve used quinoa flour in this recipe, for its light and fluffy nature.  Quinoa is extremely nutritious, being high in fibre, B vitamins, magnesium and so much more.  For more on the benefits of quinoa, check out 11 Proven Benefits of Quinoa.
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